Monday 27 February 2012

JNTO : Tokyo & Osaka Welcomes You!

Enjoy Japan travel : Tokyo and Osaka, Japan's two most entertaining cities & a great view of the Japan Alps
by Japan National Travel Tourism Organization

Tokyo : Meeting of the past and the future
Tokyo welcomes in its latest tourist attraction on 22nd May 2012 when the 634-meter high Tokyo SKYTREE opens at long last. Just imagining the view from its 450-meter-high second observatory is enough to set the heart astir. The tower is conveniently within walking distance of
Asakusa, an area exuding the feel and charm of old Tokyo. The tower provides an interesting backdrop to local sights, which can be enjoyed aboard a rickshaw
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Osaka : Kansai's sightseeing base with great food and great shopping
Famous as the city of merchants and gourmet dining, Osaka has prospered as one of the main drivers of Japan's economy since olden times. Its Osaka Station City opened last year after renovations to become Japan's second biggest shopping ce3nter in terms of floor space. Its popularity as a destination is on par with that of Osaka Castle. Osaka culinary culture is as rich as it is developed because it has long been home to superlative selections of choice foodstuffs. Dotonbori and other entertainment districts are crowded with eateries and bars to the delight of gourmands from around the world.
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Toyama : A great view of the Japan Alps
An early summer must is taking the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. The world-famous alpine sightseeing route connects Toyama's Tateyama Station (for trains) and Nagano's Ogisawa Station with six different transports. The montage of Japan's 3,000-meter-high Northern Alps, alpine plants, Kurobe Dam and more is breathtaking in its scope and beauty. Mid April to late May is a particularly good time to take the route, as it is the only time to see towering walls of snow.
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