Monday 7 May 2012

RELIANCE's China 10 Best Sellers

RELIANCE's China 10 Best Sellers

  1. 8D Jiuzhaigou Super Value Package from RM2,129
  2. 8D Spectacular Natural Wonders of Zhangjiajie from RM2,549
  3. 10/11D Adventure Silk Road from RM5,199
  4. 8D Yangtze Cruise + Scenic Zhangjiajie from RM4,299
  5. 8D Heavenly Journey to Mystical Tibet from RM5,999
  6. 8D Splendid Shanghai / Huangshan / Qiandao Lake from RM1,999
  7. 8D Picturesque Guilin & The Li River Spectacle from RM2,249
  8. 8D Yunnan-A Cultural & Scenic Masterpiece from RM2,949
  9. 8D The Hakka Legacies of Fujian & Guangdong from RM2,149
  10. 7D Inner Mongolia + Historical Datong from RM3,699

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